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We at the Arius Hopman Gallery are celebrating the recent publication of our newest photo album titled “Kauai Clearly.”

Kauai Clearly

It contains over 70 fine art photo images including our classic best sellers, as well as Arius Hopman’s newest photos and a preview of our next book. The book sells for $69 (sale price) and shipping/handling is $8.

NEW RELEASE (September, 2010): Half hour DVD video, titled “Lovingly Kauai” with music by Composer Niels Eje (Musica Humana). 160 Nature shots. $28 including shipping. 3 DVDs for the price of 2

PREVIEW VIDEO SAMPLE: Click Here to watch a preview of LOVINGLY KAUA‘I!

PLEASE CALL THE GALLERY TO ORDER EITHER: 808-335-0227 808-212-2099.

Digital Photography Workshops Now Available

Arius now offers one on one or private group Digital Photography workshops. To inquire about more info, rates and times available please email Arius at or call 808-212-2099

Latest Photos

New Photographs are continually added to the website. See Arius’s newest photographs.

Hawaiian Airlines Magazine Article

Hana Hou, the magazine of Hawaiian Airlines, ran an article about Arius for the months of May and June. About 40 people mentioned the article in the gallery. Click to read the article.

Policy Change on Limited Editions

As of April, 2006, there were no more Limited Editions offered on any Arius Hopman photo reproductions. Existing limited editions will be terminated, and new editions will be open. All new standard sizes and all custom sizes in between will from then on have original signatures and will be dated with month and year of production. Watercolour reproductions will still be signed and numbered.

There are several major reasons for these changes. Firstly, there are several hundred images, each with six standard sizes, making bookkeeping very time consuming and cumbersome. Secondly, since the quality of digital reproductions does not deteriorate no matter how many are made, the original intent of numbering to show the better quality of lower numbers, has become obsolete. Thirdly, dates are always available while thousands of edition numbers must always be recorded and looked up, leading to potential error. Fourthly, Arius’ photography is evolving. Most photo editions are terminated well before the editions are sold out because they are replaced by newer and better images – (see examples). Limiting editions can still be done by calling them off at a certain date, say three years.

This is potentially a legal issue, as customers who have bought a limited edition print in the past will have assumed the edition would continue, and end only after the last print of the edition is sold. Therefore, a full refund is hereby offered, including shipping, for anyone who wishes to return a framed or unframed numbered print, based on their original purchase price.

It must be noted, however, that these earlier, numbered prints are likely to command higher prices in the future than the dated ones, while the dated ones are expected to be ranked according to date, with the earlier dates having more value than the later ones. This system of ranking by date may even replace the numbering system in the future, industry wide.

We hope this policy change does not cause any inconvience to our respected customers, it will certainly be a relief to Arius and the staff at the Arius Hopman Gallery.

Affordable Gifts

Freshen up the look of your house for spring with some quality art to fit your decor.

New Business Opportunities

Synopsis: The Arius Hopman Gallery has grown by 15% per year over the last eight years since its founding. It is now too large for Arius to manage, as well as keep up with his primary skills of painting and photography. Therefore the opportunity now arises for an entrepreneur(s) with strong marketing skills to take over the gallery and bring it to the next level of expansion.

Another opportunity offered here is the replication of the Arius Hopman Gallery in other art centers around the country, or other countries. The new arrangement will allow Arius to forge ahead with some interesting artistic innovations as well as to support the galleries expanding needs.

View the PDF of this business opportunity.

The PDF is also available in hardcopy. Send an email to Arius with your name and address and request a printed copy.